Scott Naauao is a graphic designer based in Honolulu, who creates exciting brands for forward-thinking companies.

Designer, art director, and animator with over a decade working experience in building compelling brands and effective design solutions through print, digital and film mediums.


Brand Identity
Art Direction
Print Design
Web Design
Packaging Design
Motion Graphics


Born and raised in Hawaii, Scott Na'auao always saw the world from a different point of view. His first teddy bear, Rainbow Chevrolet, was named after a car dealership in Honolulu. His first art award, won in preschool, promoted reading at the library by illustrating Johnny 5, from the classic 80s movie Short Circuit, speeding through a shelf of library books while exclaiming "Need More Input!" It would take many, many years for him to realize that his early affinity for pop culture references would benefit his career as an art director, designer and animator.

Now, he is constantly looking outward for inspiration and challenges, absorbing details in everyday life—from a restaurant's chalkboard menu to the user interface of apps—and calculating the success of functional and artistic design.

He has received numerous accolades for his innovative work in the fields of graphic design, web design and motion graphics. Often driven by a clean aesthetic, he also appreciates flourish where it is well-planned and well-executed, and especially when it goes over-the-top. His portfolio is alive with work in a multitude of different media, all of which speak to Scott's ability to recognize and wield the strengths of these tools.

Scott resides in Kaneohe, HI with his wife Liane and son.

This bio was written by his wife who may not be impartial to him. And yes, his last name really does have five vowels in a row.


AIGA Honolulu 5-0 Best in Show 2013, 2015, 2017
AIGA Hawaii 5-0 Awards of Excellence 2007, 2009, 2011, 2013, 2015, 2017
Brand New Awards - Basic Identity Application 2013
AAF National ADDY Silver Awards 2010–2016
AAF District 13 ADDY Gold Awards (Peles) 2008–2016
AAF District 13 ADDY Silver Awards (Peles) 2006–2016
Print Magazine Regional Design Annual 2015
Faces of Hawai‘i Photography Competition - 2nd Place 2010
Print Magazine - Regional Design Annual, Creativity + Commerce 2008
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Art Marks published by Counter-Print
Alphabet Logo: Trademarks & Symbols published by Counter-Print
Modern Heraldry: Seals, Stamps, Crests & Shields published by Counter-Print
Nature Logo: Trademarks & Symbols published by Counter-Print
Print Magazine — Regional Design Annual 2014
Brand New Awards 2013

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